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    Eduardo Vazquez, also known as Dreamer’s Path. An artistic entrepreneur, iPhoneographer, Hair Stylist, Activist, Marathon Runner, Outdoor aficionado & Adventure Seeker. However, Discover Eduardo Vazquez is more than that. His brand intertwines his life and his story with the art it produces. In order to fully understand Dreamer’s path work we must also take the PATH that he’s taken. 


    In 1992, Eduardo was born in Mexico City to a working class family who owned a shop providing juices and fresh fruit cocktails. At a time when thriving was becoming hard in a dense city, the Vazquez family began to be a target for crime in the neighborhood where they resided. Three different major assaults were experience by the family, almost leading to death. After the third experience, Eduardo’s father immigrated to the US in search of a much safer and prosperous opportunity. A few years later, Eduardo’s mother would follow with his younger sister. Two years after that Eduardo would join, and finally one year following, his older sister would be reunited with her family.


    Eduardo is a “DREAMer”, a term that has been used to describe young undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States as children; who have lived and gone to school in the US; and who consider the United States their home. The Dream Act, standing for Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act, had been a bill in Congress since 2001; Several versions have been adapted from this bill, though, none have ever passed beyond the U.S. Senate. DREAMer also has a double meaning about the undocumented youth who have big hopes and dreams for a better future.


    In 2003  at 11 years of age Eduardo Vazquez began a long journey with his uncle across the desert from Sonora to Arizona. When he looked back on this time, Eduardo realized that this is where his path began. A path which was full of struggle, challenge, suffering, and fear, yet years later would be followed by abundant luck and opportunity. This luck and opportunity was only experienced by Eduardo through his passion, will, and power of desire. However, this wouldn’t start to occur until he was 16 years old. 

    From a young age he desired to travel, but the circumstances that he lived under would prevent him from experiencing anything outside the immigrant neighborhood he was destined too. As it turned out, the American Dream for undocumented immigrants is not as attainable. Two years later, in 2005, Eduardo’s father would be deported, leaving a single mother of three in Palm Beach County, FL where Eduardo spent most of his young adulthood.


    In 2008, Eduardo’s life changed when he met an individual who became a mentor, savior, and the person who would change the direction of his life. This person unconsciously enabled Eduardo to discover his passion for photography while also helping him to start traveling inside the United States. 


    Mr. Vazquez graduated from John I Leonard high school in 2010. He couldn’t attend university, since he was still undocumented. Nevertheless, Eduardo had an ITIN that would allow him to attend a private cosmetology school in 2011, sponsored by his mentor. A year later Eduardo would be an apprentice under French high end hair stylist in Palm Beach, FL leading him to work in New York City, Palm Beach, Beverly Hills, and Denver, CO.


    In 2010, Eduardo was flying out of Seattle, WA when he captured a photograph of Mount Rainier National Park from inside the airplane with his iPhone 4. Years had passed, and Eduardo witness that the iPhone was slowly improving with each camera integrated into the device, which enabled Eduardo to unfold the experience of digital photography.


    In 2015, Dreamer’s Path found his calling: travel, adventure, and photography. Eduardo wanted to really turn this iPhoneography project into a full and thrilling experience.Seeking an extreme adventure, Eduardo set a challenge for himself: Hitchhike across the United States for two months while documenting all his experiences on his iPhone 6.


    One Autumn day in 2015 Dreamer’s Path was at a sandwich shop in Palm Beach, Florida, while waiting for food he stared at a few photographs hanging on the wall. One photo was of SF’s skyline and another of an abandoned building, among a few others. All the prints were on 8” x 10” in black and white. Eduardo was immersed in the beauty of the photography; this was the moment that everything synchronized. This moment became what he calls “the epiphany”. The prior year, Dreamer’s Path had met a photographer who had used metallic paper to print his photography. Eduardo was fascinated by the quality of the image and material. When that happened Eduardo had told himself that if he ever were to develop his images, he would use metallic paper.


    In 2016 Eduardo found a lab, specializing in printing on metallic paper. Dreamer’s Path took the leap and began developing his iPhone photography. In order to have an image with great quality on metallic paper instead of traditional gloss paper Eduardo could only print image that were 8” by 10” . Nevertheless as anything, this challenge would be overcome. Today he is producing larger prints among other products. 



Officially, DISCOVER EDUARDO VAZQUEZ LLC launched in June 2019.


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